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Yiga infected followers with HIV/AIDS, Pastor Senyonga

Pastor Jackson Senyonga of Christian Life church
Pastor Jackson Senyonga of Christian Life church


Pastor Jackson Senyonga of Christian Life church, Bwaise has today held a press conference where he claimed dead Pastor Augustine Yiga infected followers with HIV/AIDS.


According to Senyonga, the late Augustine Yiga was a false prophet, living a sinful life and misleading his followers. Pastor Ssenyonga also accused Pastor Yiga of infecting some of his followers with HIV/Aids through sexual intercourse.


“It’s on record that Mr Yiga had HIV. We have evidence from health facilities and the test was done under law,” Ssenyonga told journalist in a press he called at his home this morning.


Senyonga added that God may never forgive Yiga for what he has done on earth to the extent of even denying his own biological children.

This comes after another pastor, Solomon Male insisted that fallen Yiga must answer for his catalogue of sins before God following his death.

Pastor Yiga died last night at Nsambya hospital after battling an illness for weeks.
Over time, Yiga has been accused by various young girls of infecting them with the deadly HIV/AIDS.

Male insisted Yiga must pay.
He took to Facebook and furiously wrote:

“Pr Yiga Augustine is dead:

Pr Yiga Augustine Ani Akalengedde aka Mbizaayo, has ruined many people’s lives and caused untold hurt and misery to many others.

He leaves a trail of many lives he has broken in process of enriching himself and gratifying his insatiable sex urge.

Good he is dead. Let him hurt more from his grave.

He has died without facing earthly justice because as he hurt people, he had state machinery protection.

How I wish someone could read Isaiah 14 as a send off for him.

My prayers for those he has hurt to take heart; he probably thought himself immortal, now it is time for him to face the Creator to whom we must all account.”


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