Colleagues Mosh Ssendi and Denis Bbosa West are contesting for the same political position in Makindye, Kampala.

The two workmates at Galaxy FM and Nation Media (Spark and NTV) are contesting for the position of councillor for Makindye III.
And interestingly, both candidates will be contesting on opposition cards, with Mosh being endorsed by Bobi Wine’s NUP while Bbosa is more Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leaning.

He is yet to be endorsed by the party, though.

Mr. Mosh took to his social media pages and made the first public announcement to all his followers and fans to show support to him.

” Let’s make this our FB, IG, Twitter x WhatsApp profile/status pic as we officially launch this project. I fully appreciate your support & your advice and counsel is

also needed.

• MISSION: In life one needs to be involved in order to effect positive change. I’ve decided to start with my area of residence Makindye East III.
• YOUTH: My goal is to make sure that the youth in my area are involved in every decision making process & are given opportunities to prosper through organized development projects, sports, skills and talent development & promotion.

• WOMEN: There are more women than males in my area so issues like security, job inequality, girls lacking sanitary pads in ghetto areas, hygiene issues in markets need to be dealt with at council level.
• VISION: To create a positive, exemplary and environment that’s favorable to all residents from different backgrounds and lead by example.
#MrMosh2021 LC5 Councillor Makindye East III”- he posted.

Bbosa, meanwhile, has been seeking endorsements from various political and religious leaders and has met several.


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