Tonix and Danre

Fast rising singer Danre recently recorded a big time hit Gundeze with Allan Toniks. To the young and sexy upcoming singer, it was excitement and dream come true. She shared a few with us.



You’ve been all over social media posting your excitement after the collabo with Toniks, do you feel you’ve arrived now?


It was not excitement. I just felt good that he allowed me to do a collabo with me and I had to let my fans on social media know. Of Course I have not arrived yet. This is just the beginning.


So it is not true the crush you’ve on him is not the one making you behave this way?


I don’t crush on Tonix. I only appreciate his cuteness. He is a humble and handsome guy but it is purely music between us. The Gundeze song drew us close musically


You came from nowhere and here you’re topping UG music charts, tell us your journey?


Well, I have been in the Industry for some good time. Around 5 years now. I have actually recorded a few songs as I do different businesses. So basically, I have been around and not so new.


How did you meet Tonix?


We met at an event last year. Then I went through his manager and started the communication. We stayed friends until when it was time to request for a project together. I am humbled he didn’t hesitate.



What was your first breakthrough song?


It is not one song actually. I recorded Mulala song and Enfuze remix. Those songs were good and started my music career.



Who inspired you to turn into a singer?


My mother inspires me to sing every day. She tells me to keep going and supports my talent.


Today the industry is growing at a very terrible speed, how are you prepared for the competition?


I am my own competition so I am in no rush. I just have to make sure I get better for myself day by day

because everyone has their own journey.

So I think I should take it step by step day by day and I’ll get to where I’m getting.

There’s enough space for me at the top.


By the way what is your motive in this industry?


My motive is to make people happy with my music and give them something to feel To help people take some time off of reality and problems when they listen to me.I also wanna be able to feed my family and myself .To be comfortable in life


Also, many well established singers are quitting music, why are you joining?


I want to try as well,they had a chance to try. I think I should have one too .And I believe I am on the right path.


Putting your lenses together, predict the future of Ugandan music in the next 10 years.


The future of Ugandan music is going to change because we have great new artists . So we might actually break into the international scene ,Atleast Africa by then.



Young and upcoming singers have been accused of giving us bubble gum music, how different is yours?


My music is not bubble gum, it’s good music that is improving with each studio session I have. What people see as bubble gum music, others see it as good music.


Any male Ugandan singers, who would you wish to work with?


I would love to work with many of them who have already been supportive of me in some ways.


What is your latest new project?


I have a video of Gundeze song and it is massive. My fans should look out for it.


Away from music, are you married?


I am not married and I am not planning it any time soon


How have you handled Covid 19 lock down?


It gave me time to write and try to improve on my craft, learn different skills like cooking for people in large numbers and spend time with my family.


Tell your fans your message for the next five years.


Thank you so much to my fans for supporting me. Let them know that in the next few years, I am ready to give them nice and lovely songs.



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