By Benon Kay Kirigoola

First of all, congrats to Bobi Wine for landing this ‘huge international collaboration’ with Buju Banton.
I would like to say it’s not an easy one to cue up, (the musicians can node to this one here).

But let me throw in some clarity especially for those who are turning this into an international collaboration warfare between BEBE COOL and BOBI.

Sincerely and musically speaking, Bebe has always been the top giant when it comes to collabos (both internationally and locally), music videos and topping music charts.

Yes Bobi has had international collaborations and this Bujju collaboration to me is just the same ‘ol pedigree he’s following.

Most if not all his collaborations he’s had in his entire music career have been only with Jamaican actors, of which most of their careers (those he collaborated with) have recently if not always been hitting the music scene undersides, the Mr. G’s, Buju and so on.

Don’t get me wrong, I know

Bobi’s ceaseless love for Jamaica, but at this stage where Bobi has finally been bloated, most of us expect him to have collabos with the likes of Kanye West, Montana, Diamond, Davido, name them, (people whose music legitimacy is still inevitable).

Bebe on the other hand has had Collabos around the globe, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, Jamaica, USA, Eritrea name them and you can agree with me all if not most of those he collaborated with their songs and faces are still on our finger tips as yet.

If I asked my brothers and sisters here to name any three of Bujju’s songs they would probably run to the internet to swallow their own pride.

So musically no one has swam that far as Bebe and those who thought this Bujju’s collabo with Bobi is inevitable, yes it definitely will be for just a few days and all will be back to plain normal.

If most of the collabos he had with Mr. G ‘then’ were taunted, what if he had this collaboration ‘then’ (before his political race), would it even make it to Bukedde charts?!


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