By Abdu Ssempija

Lets begin with WIRE WIRE, Bebe Cool’s run away success hit of 2019.

Apart from the video being world class, the song too is entertaining.

It makes you fall in love and its the song you can’t get tired of.

Bebe has managed to move with the new trend of how the music industry is changing.

Thisman can comfortably compete with the likes of Sheebah, Cindy, Grenade, John Blaq, Fik Fmeika, Spice Diana and all the other younger trending musicians.

And he can still compete comfortably with

his contemporaries Jose Chameleone and Bobi Wine.
Most of these mature artists failed to understand that music is business just like any other business out there.

The more you invest in capital and skills is the more you yield high and that’s just what Bebe is doing.

We always blame him of being extravagant accusing him of wasting money and resources on expensive videos abroad.

Other artistes as well try to make them but no one blames them.
That’s how the business runs. The more you invest, the more you get from it.

Bebe Cool is smart and knows what he wants.
That has made him remain relevant.


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