Kabaka Ronald Mutebi

Rumors of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi sickness continue to linger even after Prime Minister (Katikiro) Charles Peter Mayiga called upon the public to disregard reports that he was admitted at Aga Khan hospital in Nairobi.

While responding to social media reports, the Katikiro said: “There have been a lot of rumors that the King is very sick alleging that he is admitted in the hospital, this has forced many people into fear and as such, we have received several calls and messages to that effect but we are here to inform the Kingdom subjects and Ugandans at large that the King is not admitted in the hospital and he is steering the Kingdom so well.”

Mayiga further said that when he addressed the Kingdom recently, he advised people to always disregard any unofficial information more so info that circulates through internet platforms.

“Most of the time those who circulate such information have hidden motives and are self seekers, they are always looking for more followers on their social media pages,” Mayiga added.
Mayiga noted that these days, people have turned social media posting into their occupation and they come up with any information so as to attract many followers an in turn they are paid by the companies running the social media platforms.
The Kingdom premier noted the internet also has a lot of people who don’t

want the kingdom to settle as well as progressing.

“The victories that we gain as the kingdom and the few achievements that give hope to the people are what they hate and they always undermine such achievements,” Mayiga noted.
He thus advised the kingdom subjects and the general public to always follow the official kingdom communication channels.

Even after Katikiro Mayiga’s official communication, the rumors just won’t go away.
Reports continue to gather ground that the Kabaka is admitted at Aga Khan hospital in Nairobi.
According to palace insiders, the king was driven to Nairobi weeks ago. He was escorted by his brother Price David Wasajja.

However latest info from the Palace insiders is that the king’s condition is not critical as first rumored and he’s likely to be discharged this week.
“It’s routine,” one told Xclusive UG.

However, another source claims the king has kidney complications. Infact, he’s had the complications since 2007, the major reason he works out religiously, the source insists.


Meanwhile someone else tells us The Royal Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Luwangula Kimera Muwenda Mutebi II is alive and well.

“I’m told he traveled to the UK, where he had an overdue appointment with a specialist who has been dealing with a condition the King has been grappling with for years. I’m told the condition is under control but he needed to go for his annual appointment,” another person says.

For now, the rumors just won’t go away even after the katikiro’s clarification.
No wonder, some are even asking for the Kabaka’s public appearance if he’s ok.





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