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Weasel announces birth of 39th child, promises one more & he’ll be done


By Assumpta Namanda

Dancehall muffin Douglas Sseguya Mayanja aka Weasel has announced the birth of his latest child.

The last time we checked, he was at 38 kids. This therefore is his 39th.
And he has named his latest son Douglas Joseph Mayanja.
No one (well, apart from close family) knows the mom.

“Sunday Blessings. Welcome To the Family Son ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Douglas Joseph Mayanja Jr #Bwekiri,” he announced the good news to his fans on Facebook.

He also revealed he will be having one more, his last child(40th) named Moses Mayanja, after his late singing partner Moze Radio.

His 37th kid was named Emmanuel, after his fallen uncle and Weasel’s brother AK47.
Then, another of his girlfriends naked Sandra Teta was preggars with his 38th.

Number 37 was mothered by a one Talia.

And fans quickly took to Facebook to congratulate him, with some hilariously giving him funny monikers for his proficiency with women.
One called him Ssebaana Weasel while another creatively replaced his Manizo alias with Mazina, calling him Weasel Mazina.


Humphrey, one of Weasel’s brothers, rightly described him as ‘Sniper.’

The 36 year old might not be the most prolific musician among the Mayanja brothers, but clearly he beats them all in bed.

All hail, King Weasel.



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