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Weasel Abandons Chamili’s Project


By Allan Saba | XclusiveUg Reporter

A day ago, Jose Chameleone started the Uganda Hitmakers Association before being appointed the President.

Insiders intimated to this website that Weasel was not consulted to take part, so he felt betrayed and that is allegedly why he snubbed the whole thing

His brother Pallaso was appointed the PRO in the presence of many other local musicians like King Saha, Feffe Bussi at Tavern Woods, Kabuusu.

His young brother, Weasel failed to turn up and his name was not mentioned anywhere among the people in the organization.

Insiders intimated to us that Weasel was not consulted to take part, he feels betrayed.

To make a point, Weasel decided to snub the launch ceremony that happened on Monday morning

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