THIS IS a video of Johnnie Ahimbisibwe ‘enjoying his life’ in Industrial Area based Club Guvnor hours before his abrupt shocking death.
Poor Johnnie was murdered in the wee hours of Sunday morning by a one Ivan Kalyesubula who has been described as an arrogant fella with a ‘murderous mind’ by a section of pals.


Johnnie was hit with a glass by Ivan Kalyesubula, known as Ivan Diesel on facebook, a young brother to former Uganda Cricket team captain Kenneth Kamyuka, and was pronounced dead at Case Medical Centre. The new video part of the CCTV footage Club Guvnor has handed to police as part of the investigations shows Johnnie enjoying with pals, not knowing his days were over. Clad in a fitting T shirt, Johnnie can be seen dancing the night away.

Meanwhile Guvnor management has reaffirmed their dedication to ensuring security and clients’ welfare. In a second statement Guvnor has assured the public that they are fully collaborating with police to come to the bottom of the matter. A statement reads: “With deep sorrow, GUVNOR UGANDA regrets the death of its patron Johnnie Ahimbisibwe. Always smiling, laughing, smart and affable is how we shall always

remember Johnny who spent many weekends with us having a good time.

What happened to him is tragic, and we have handed the case over to Uganda Police for the law to take its course. We are assisting the
Police in every possible way, including CCTV footage of the incident.  GUVNOR UGANDA is renown for its attention to security matters, and many a times, we’re rebuked for being ‘too strict’. It’s all for the security of our esteemed clients, that we do everything humanly
possible to keep them safe on site.

At this time, we would like the public to give the family of Johnny some peace to grieve their son, and to let the Police do its work unhindered, so as to get to the bottom of this tragic incident. Its important that facts are not muddled with rumors and insinuations
because the result of that will be a messy Police investigation.

We assure the public and our esteemed clients that as always, we’ll do everything humanly possible to keep you safe within our premises.

We will put the family in our prayers and give them the assistance they need to take Johnny to his final resting place. R.I.P Johnnie.”


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