UNAIDS Executive Director Hon Winnie Byanyima has today commended star musician Bebe Cool for his role in the fight against the killer Tuberculosis.

Bebe Cool is Uganda’s ambassador in the fight against TB and has been involved in numerous activities to screen and search for missing TB patients.
At a Global Fund meeting held in Entebbe this evening, Ms Byanyima saluted the singer and encourage him to not give up in helping the common Ugandan.

The meeting was also attended by UNAIDS Country Director Dr. Karusa Kiragu among other dignitaries.

Bebe Cool told us: “Today at a Global Fund meeting on TB, I had the pleasure of meeting the UNAIDS Executive Director/Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Hon. Winnie Byanyima along with the UNAIDS Country Director Dr. Karusa Kiragu with whom we

shared a word or two about the prosperity of our country.

Hon. Byanyima expressed gratitude towards my charity activities, especially my role in the fight against TB. In an attempt to be humorous, she claimed that while she loved my music alot, she did not like my side of politics; to which I explained to her that not everyone can subscribe to the same political ideology and that someone had to stand up for the silent majority.

In this Global Fund meeting, we are lobbying for more funds to be allocated towards awareness and subsequently prevention against TB as opposed to waiting for people to get sick so they can access treatment.”

Bebe Cool and his Amber Heart Foundation will carry out screening and awareness campaigns until next year.


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