Before Idi Amin took over power in the country and declared his disastrous ‘Economic War’ in the early 1970s, he was a permanent fixture in various pubs where he visited for socialisation, just like their old colonial masters the British did.

But when the economy collapsed, and production of beer factories became almost non-existent, the pub business more or less collapsed.

Very few pre-Amin pubs still exist today.
One of the upmarket hangouts was City Bar along Kampala Road, the preferred destination by the then ‘yuppies’. Priding itself as Kampala’s oldest pub (the first City Bar was established in 1935), it drew the corporates till the death of old man Mansoor, and then it fell on hard times, and the building was eventually demolished leading to it’s demise if you may say.

But like Jesus Christ, City bar has resurrected

The City Bar has reopened at Thobani Centre in Kampala. For starters, this is the same location it’s always been, only that there’s a much

more better structure, Thobani Centre.

The bar is located on the rooftop on the 11th floor of the building and has a restaurant, bar and lounge.

Speaking to the media a few days ago, Rajeev, the Managing Director said they felt there was a need to rekindle the iconic bar.

The classy bar is set to officially open on 1st February with performances from various musicians including Sheebah.
Nina, the Operations manager said they have the best prices in Kampala central business. They have an offer of 3 beers at 10k from 3pm to 9pm which is not available in other big bars around town. They also have a buffet at 20k with a drink.
Undoubtedly, te bar’s ambiance is one of the best in town. And with the well sought up themes, City bar is expected to rock once again.

They have the ultimate midweek party in Kampala. While there, you enjoy the evening with Kampala hottest like DJs Cisse and Meek.

On Sundays, they have a special day which starts at midday till late in the night. It will recreate a beach arrangement right in the city centre.

These and other special nights are expected to bring back the fun with Kampala CBD.


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