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Uganda’s famous celebrity breakups

Uganda's famous celebrity breakups
Uganda's famous celebrity breakups
Uganda’s famous celebrity breakups


REMA NAMAKULA and Eddie Kenzo are no more.

The former announced she’ll be introducing another man later this year, meaning her and Kenzo are over.
Break ups in celebville world over is just one of those things that have become normal world over.
International breakups are well documented.

Ugandans have not been left behind.

Here are the most famous celebrity break ups in Uganda.


Judith Babirye and John Musoke Ssebulime

One of Uganda’s biggest gospel singers and now a member of parliament, Judith Babirye has won several hearts but her marriage leaves a lot to be desired.

Just a few weeks ago, her husband Hon John Musoke Ssebulime dumped her and returned to his first wife. She fled the country in shame. And this is not her first breakup. Her divorce from her first husband Samuel Niiwo was well documented.


Judith Heard and Alex Heard

Judith Heard
Judith Heard


The father of Judith Heard’s twins, American cowboy Dr. Alex Heard left her. Reason?
Her over cheating. Fed up, Alex Heard quietly left the country and returned to the States to be with his first wife and grandchildren.

Occasionally he pops around to check on his twins.


Iryn Namubiru and Frank Morel

The marriage of Iryn Namubiru and French lover Frank Morel dissolved. According to reports, cases of domestic violence came into picture after the extremely jealous husband could not handle the occupation hazards that Iryn had to deal with.
Iryn moved on and dated a string of men including former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya.


Zari Hassan and a string of men

Gorgeous Zari Hassan features on this list often. She’s broken up with many men starting with first husband Ivan Ssemwanga (late).
Despite earlier attempts by the South African based Ugandan moneybag Ssemwanga to lure his brown skinned wife Zari back to her home, the couple split.
Following the split, Zari dated a string of men including security operative Farouk Sempala and basketball star Isaac Lugudde. These romances never lasted and before we knew, she had a project withTanzanian star Diamond Platnumz. The project resulted into two daughters, before it collapsed.


Andrew Rugasira and Jackie Rwivuga

This is one couple that many in the business circles admired. Or rather, everyone envied Rugasira. He had a hot wife. Yes, hot.

Jackie is really a top specimen. And the couple had a rollercoaster marriage until income diminished.
Jackie moved as she couldn’t stay in a broke relationship.


Anita Fabiola and Meddie Ssentongo

Former NTV presenter Anita Fabiola could be a perfect example that beauty is not a guarantee for marriage or life long relationship. After her nudes were leaked, city socialite Meddie Ssentongo jumped on board. The relationship, however, did not last longer than a university semester. Meddie wanted sex. Fabiola wanted a shoulder to lean on.
Gareth Onyango and Nickita Bachu

Nikita kissing Gareth
Nikita kissing Gareth


The two hooked six years back and they had been living together as man and wife. They even have a child together.They worked together, they had business together.

They had been in bar management business which they joined while acting as bar managers of the defunct Club Rouge and Venom bar. Practically they were inseperable. No wonder when their relationship hit a dead end, Uganda noticed.


Cindy Sanyu and Mario Brunette

February 2014 was not a month of love for the dancehall star Cindy Sanyu and former Italian barber Mario Brunette, as the ex-Blue singer could not wait to declare his separation with Mario on her Facebook page.
“I don’t know how to say this so I will just say it I am single again,’’ her Facebook post read.
Cindy moved on to a few other chaps including Ken Muyisa but broke up as well.


Leila Kayondo and SK Mbuga

Theirs had no future. He wanted a kid with her, she wanted whiskey and shisha from him. The two dated for sometime until problems set in.
The relationship hit rock bottom when a furious Mbuga thumped Leila. She took him to police and he was subsquently arrested.
However in court, she defended him. But the damage had been inflicted and eventually they broke. Theirs was system volongoto.


Juliana Kanyomozi and Kassim Ouma

We would have headlined with Juliana and Amon Lukwago’s breakup but damn, Ouma is or rather was an international superstar the time he briefly dated Juliana.
Pictures were all over as the couple out up a public display of affection during a Club Silk street jam.
Before we knew it, their brief romance was no more.


Desire Luzinda and Franklyn Emuobor

Desire Luzinda and Franklyn Emuobor
Desire Luzinda and Franklyn Emuobor


Curvy Desire has broken up with a string of men including grandfather Nasser Ntege Ssebagala. However, her split with Nigerian conman Franklyn Emuobor stands out.

When she left him, he leaked her nude pictures, and the whole country was talking.

Even the ethics ministry got involved and Franklin had to sneak out of Uganda.

Their breakup was real drama.


Alex Ndaula and Druscilla Magezi

Veteran Capital FM radio deejay, Alex Ndaula was in February 2014 deleted from the life of his wife Drucilla. The DJ was so devastated by the break up that he rushed to Facebook to vent his anger.

He posted; “I have to say this I hurt! I have been with a lady who I love deeply! Want her, need her, but she does stupid sh*t! Why? I don’t know! But she is where she is because someone had her back! For those who know me, please tell her I love her.

And whatever is jack! But after that! I’m strong! Just want a good life! Coz I can make it so! I’m just pissed off coz of BS and my lady doing BS! Yet I have to come correct! Dre! (I.e. Drucilla).

Wherever, whatever. Be Real! Coz where you are is coz someone had your back! Others reading this, YES BS I HURT MAJOR! I’m Hurting! Nuff said! Seriously! It may sound BS, but I want someone for me! Can handle everything else! May seem like a rant! But your boy is hurting!

For real I hurt so much 4 real, feel so alone! Just didn’t know b**ches can be! Basically…I’ve had a long time jack! And y’all support! Many of you are family & friends! Naye Kale ko BS. Thanks to all with good intentions! But truth is

I hurt! And I’m not Superman!”


Natasha Sinayobe and Michael Kasaijja

Their romance kicked off while they were both still dancers in the defunct Obsessions group. They later settled as man and wife thus living together. It is at this time that they felt that they were ready to quit the group and start on their own. They ended up scooping different deals together as dancers and actresses.

Nataha Sinayobye and Kasaija
Nataha Sinayobye and Kasaija during a film scene

However their romance later hit a dead end with Kasaija’s finances dwindling and rich men continuing to lust over Natasha.
They went separate ways.


MC Kats and Fille Mutoni

The talented MC hooked Fille while she was still in Rubaga Miracle center church choir. He introduced her to the secular music and later impregnated her.

The two had been living together since 2012 as man and wife. However last year, all hell broke loose.

They broke up with Fille recording a diss song. Now they look at each other as missed calls.


The Shongas

Naturally these wouldn’t make it on the list because they are no bodies. We will include them, however, because there is a time they had some little dime and bribed their in media.

Who could ever forget the picture of Herbert Shonga kissing his wife’s generous behind on their wedding day? By all appearances this seemed like a couple that was set for life.

Imagine the ripples of shock that engulfed social media when Dorothy revealed she was ending the marriage just a day before the couple’s one year anniversary in a live Facebook video. Dorothy accused Shonga of using her hard-earned (lie) money to cheat on her.

Consequently the couple is embroiled in a property war as each partner is determined to leave the marriage as comfortable as possible. The couple has two children together.


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