Veronica’s wish is a film written and produced by Nisha Kalema an award recipient of Best actress at the Uganda Film Festival (2015), best actress at the Uganda Film Festival for her role as the orphan Amelia in the movie FREEDOM (2016), for which she also wrote the screenplay.

A scene in the movie

A scene in the movie

FREEDOM (2016) went on to win six awards at the Uganda Film Festival including best picture and film of the year and is directed the award winning actress Rehema Nafuka a recipient of the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in Nigeria, The Uganda Film Festival 2018 The African Film Festival of Tarifa, Spain, Luxor African Film Festival and at the Kalasha Film & Television Awards for her debut film, Haunted Souls, will be premiered on 17th November 2018, at Kampala Serena hotel. The cast also includes award winning and nominees; Malaika Nyanzi, Mushema Housen, Simon Kalema and Nisha Kalema.

Michael and Veronica are living their soul mate life and engaged to marry; but their lives take a drastic turn when veronica gets

hit by a mysterious illness days away from her wedding. In prospect of uncertainty with time, veronica must choose between love and saving her life and the lives others.

Nisha Kalema acts as Veronica, Mushema Housen acts the role of Veronicas’ boyfriend who is at the cross roads of choosing between supporting his fiancé or move on with his life.

Symon Kalema acts as Frank, the best friend to Michael who is his wing man and advisor when the situation seems to be out of hand. Malaika acts as Veronica’s best friend who stands with her through their joy and pain as girls and also bring the comic to the movie with Frank.

The movie preview was held on 25th October 2018 at Century cinemax, Acacia Mall and was attended by film critics who include Kaggwa Andrew, Moses Serugo, Lucky and Sammy and representatives from the media fraternity and Women In film Initiative. All the people who attended agreed on one thing, Veronica’s wish is a great film as it
moved the audience to tears, laughter, and suspense and the message was well delivered. They agreed it is a must watch movie.

Veronica’s wish will be premiered on 17th November at Serena Hotel Kampala.


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