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Tycoon’s Son Hooks TV Veteran News Gal

The Tycoon's Son

By Allan Saba | Xclusive Reporter

For several years now, veteran news TV gal from a top Kampala based station names withheld has been braving long cold nights alone after having a string of failed relationships.

The soft-spoken TV personality has bounced from different failed relationships with different Kampala men some who are super loaded to being rumoured dating young stars in the music industry.

Well, this is bound to change. News reaching us indicates that the sexy TV star is no longer complaining of the cold weather like most of you do these days, because she is enjoying the warmth in the chest of one Kabanda Vincent.

What these two love birds are currently painting the city red.
Not much is known of Kabanda, but moles intimate that he is a moderately educated man in his mid-30s coming from a well off family.

It is reported that his father Kabanda Samuel is one of the prominent businessmen in Ndeeba, Kampala and Kabanda is the one who manages his real estate businesses in Kampala and Mityana.

Although the TV gal is not the person you can call broke because we know she comfortably earns well at her workplace, it is safe to say that she has “fallen into things” hooking up with a rich man’s son.

Moles further intimate that plans to have th two romping sessions legalised are in top gear and if all goes well, the two will have their functions done in August this year.

We wish the two love birds all the best.


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