Music and talent managers Emma Carlos and Derrick Orone have teamed in what music critics believe will be a game changing partnership.


Xclusive UG can confirm that the skilled duo will now be working together as they promote new talented singers The Rydim Boys.

Speaking from Rydim Empire HQ last evening, Emma Carlos revealed he was thrilled with the five year partnership and was looking forward to great work.
Derrick was equally excited by the prospect of working with veteran Emma Carlos.

A statement read:
“The Ugandan music industry in terms of management has its key players

who have built a reputation in developing and managing talent.


After clear assessment Rydim Empire under the Directorship of Derrick Orone has sought out the services of renowned Talent Manager Emma Carlos on contract basis of Five Years to discover, recruit, groom, manage, develop and maintain TALENT starting with Rydim Boyz and won’t be limited to them.

The partnership shall create a formidable force in the entertainment industry by pulling together there sources.”
For the last 12 years Emma Carlos has been representing and managing artists and has built a reputation and gained experience, which makes him an expert on the service.

On the other hand Rydim Empire with its experience and financial muscle, will inject in the needed finances.




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