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Top Celeb Bling Maker Baraka Tells It All

Top Celeb Bling maker Baraka tells it all

By Allan Saba | Xclusive Reporter

Baraka Sebise is C.E.O and founder of vvipsons. Born in Congo and raised in Uganda, moved to Sweden. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management , has worked in the metal industry way back. With his creative mind and diversifying brains, Baraka has built a lucrative stable business. He ventured into creative art.

Baraka has it all

He is the sole maker and distributor of high-quality celebrity accessories. Most made out of first-class Gold, Braka makes chains, branded necklaces, and other quality accessories. In the past years, he has managed to dress top celebrities in the whole world. Back here in Africa and Uganda, he has soley dressed up all Ugandan musicians. From the likes of Fik Fameica, Abryanz, InnosB based in Congo and Diamond Platinumz.

He shared his success story dealing in celebrity high quality bling bling.


Briefly tell us about you?

I am so simple and easy. Haha. Well, my name is Baraka Sebise. I am the Ceo and founder of VVIPSONS. Born in Congo and raised in Uganda. I am currently living in Sweden where I do all my works. I am a blessed man with a very beautiful family. I can also I am a very creative arts man.


Where did the love to make such high prized accessories come from?

Personally, I loved wearing accessories from my childhood. Even when I was growing up, I would never move out of home with no bling or accessory on me. So what I am doing now is my childhood love.


Did you go to school to study making such beautiful things?

Actually, I didn’t go to school to study making such accessories. The love and passion for accessories pushed to learn the skill. This is a skill acquired while living on earth not classroom acquired. That is why I am master when it comes to such accessories.


And how did you end up in Europe with such lucrative business?

I moved to Sweden. Because I am based here, I decided to register my company back here. I decided to do this because I wanted to put all my mind on it. I couldn’t live abroad and the same time have this business in Uganda. Secondly, I found Europe has legit and high-quality materials when making these accessories.


Taking you back in time, when was your first sale and who was that person?

Hahaha. This was 2017. My first sale my made back here in Sweden. I got this Swedish man and sold him an African print Jacket I made in Uganda. I got happy and got hopeful.


Currently, you’re working with top celebrities globally how did you manage to enter into their circles?

I have been doing events here in Sweden with different celebrities. I have dealt with big music managers, events managers, and big named music stakeholders. In doing so, I managed to get in contact with celebrities and I managed to have these people on my figure prints.


Which celebrity have you dresses up with your accessories intentionally?

There are very many celebs I have dressed up. I can’t count them with my fingers. But briefly, I have dressed LeJeune , a top fashionista based in Germany, INNOSS’B one of the best singers in Congo and Africa at large and many more. Actually INNOSS’B recently had a successful collabo with Diamond Platimuz. The song has placed high as the biggest ranked singer in Congo today.


So tell us, you make these expensive accessories, where do you get material. They’re really made out of original Gold?

To start with, I get material from Pakistan, Turkey, and Swiss. The material depends on what clients want. There is real Gold and real silver. It all depends on a client’s budget. We have average ones. We call them Plaited Gold and plaited Silver. So one keyword is legit. We deal in legit and certified materials.


Explain the process of making these accessories especially those with branded names?

We have actually had many accessories. We have branded bags, sunglasses, branded shoes, and many customized products.


You’re based in Sweden but selling these accessories back here in Africa, how do you do business since you’re far?

I Have a huge following on Instagram. People look up to me online and it has made my business easy. I don’t need to have marketers on the ground. I use the internet basically.


We well know you’ve worked with top Ugandan celebrities likes of Fik Fameica, Rickman Rick, and many more, how much do you charge them?

To be so honest with you, I have always given them a percentage with a code number. I always give them 40% on all products. I do this to have them close to me and actually have them as my brand ambassadors.


For celebrities who want your products, how can they reach you?

We are so easy to be reached. VVIPSONS we are both on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels. We are followed by many celebrities.


Today, there are many fake gold products on market, how different is yours?

Very true. But our Gold is simply real. Our silver is of high quality. We simply deal in quality than quantity.


The industry of art is really growing fast, what’s your take on this especially in your section?

Yes I see this everyday. I am art myself. Every day I wake up and think of something new. I have a fast mind to match the wave.


How has the internet helped art today?

Man!! The internet is the only way to go. The world is simply connected by the internet. We sell our products on the net. This is the way to go.


Lastly, share with the world your social media pages and where they can get more of your accessories.

We have a website; WWW.VVIPSONS.COM






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