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The first impression you make, shows every thing you will be after the date.

The first impression you make, shows every thing you will be after the date.


The first impression you make, shows every thing you will be after the date.
The first impression you make, shows every thing you will be after the date.

It is said that reading one’s mind is a power only found in fiction tales, not anymore. The thoughts perusing one’s mind are simply reflected by their body movements. All you need to know are the particular bodily attributes that provide a glimpse into one’s mind.
1. First Impression:

According to scientists, you have seven seconds to make a proper impression at first sight, so make it worth the while. It may help when you first meet someone, to stare into their eyes a few seconds longer while smiling at them, people tend to like you better for doing this.

When going for your first date do something exciting, s/he will attribute you with the exhilarating feeling, like dancing as an example. Research shows that dancing with your partner strengthens your bond and relieves emotional tension.

2. Are they interested in the current conversation?

You can easily tell this by crossing your arms, if they mirror your actions then they are equally engrossed by the topic of conversation taking place. Another method is to check your partner’ s feet; this tends to work better when standing. If their torso is facing towards you, and their feet away from you, they are not absorbed by the conversation. However if their feet are facing towards you then it’s a sign of interest.

Tip- If you ask your partner a question and they respond with a partial answer, wait for a small period of time while maintaining eye contact, your partner will feel the need to give more information and continue talking.

3. Do they like you?

When s/he leans closer towards you, with open palms and expressive gestures of the arms, this shows that there’s eagerness and attentiveness. When s/he is more closed, thus arms or wrists crossing, while pushing his/her body away from yours, this shows either a defensive or secretive attitude. There is usually modest eye-contact of the entire face, especially of the chin area which creates a sort of sensual atmosphere.
Tip-Subtly mirroring the actions of your partner subconsciously makes them respond more to you.

4. Are they lying?

Surfing the web will get you several indicators of how one behaves when s/he lies. Usually however, people looking upwards to their left tend to be cogitating up a lie. Other factors may include flared nostrils, lip nibbling, deep breathing, and rapid blinking, which hint that the brain is working overtime to produce the lie.
Tip-Never ask a person if he is telling the truth, a liar will simply continue to lie, while an honest person will simply be offended. The rest you can do yourself, it is claimed that our human capacity helps us detect a lie with up to 54% accuracy. Women in particular can detect lies from words and tone used, due to life experience and age. We can all feel if a date is heading towards the right direction. At the end of it all, a little confidence and conversation will go fairly far.



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