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Teisi, Rema in online war

Teisi, Rema in online war

By Allan Saba | Xclusive Reporter

Since Rema Namakula and her spouse Hamza Sebunya travelled to Dubai for her birthday festivities, social media has been awashed by beautiful photos of everything the two lovebirds do.

Rema posted photos from the bedroom they slept into to what they do on the streets of Dubai and appears fans adored it. However for former Sqoop on Sqoop show host Tina Fierce it’s a different story.

Through her Twitter handle, the TV personality bashes Rema saying it isn’t great to keep her affection life in the spotlight.

Dear Hamza and Rema, why must you suffer from the celebrity syndrome (publishing everything happening in your life) on social media? It is not worth it. Now if you went to celebrate your birthday, why don’t you even have to post everything you do? Be there and enjoy with your husband but stop posting your photos please” Tina tweeted.

Regardless of Tina and other critics’ comments about her marriage, Rema continues to feed the internet with more love-themed pictures and videos.

Rema and Hamza in Dubai


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