Tamale Mirundi

Outspoken presidential advisor Joseph Tamale Mirundi has blasted musician and Kampala Lord Mayor aspirant Daniel Kazibwe alias Ragga Dee for saying Bobi Wine has not helped his fellow musicians.

Mirundi, while appearing on radio, accused Ragga Dee of selfishness and of no help to the arts fraternity in the country.
Ragga Dee is a member of the Uganda Musicians Association and has been partnof high level meetings and engagements between the musicians and government.

Mirundi reckons Ragga Dee has only been part of the engagements for selfish reasons.
He also accused Bebe Cool and Catherine Kusasira of the same.

“Ragga Dee, Bebe Cool and Kusasira, you have an opportunity to meet the

president why don’t you tell him the biggest concern in the entertainment industry?

Bobi Wine is at the level of thinking for all Ugandans not ascertain clique of people. Whenever you meet the president you just care about yourselves, you request for cars, to pay your kids school fees, to give you money to complete your houses etc.

Ragga Dee meeting President Museveni

Why do you think it’s Bobi Wine who has to fight for all musicians yet you meet the fountain of honour face to face? Did Bobi Wine go to parliament to represent musicians or his constituency? Ragga Dee you should stop exposing your ignorance,” Mirundi shot.

Ragga Dee is yet to respond.


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