Weeks back, we revealed how Singer, Leila Kayondo was facing hard times after losing her only car. This was in connection with a routine after Police impounded 3 stolen cars which included the singer’s BMW.

Leila is no longer with SK Mbuga

Leila is no longer with SK Mbuga

It is with no doubt that the Car was given to Leila by Sk Mbuga as a gift during their romance rounds.

Prior to this operation, city tycoon and businessman Sk Mbuga was summoned along with Leila to help in

further investigations.

The Tycoon reveled that he has clear documents of the alleged stolen car.

“I bought the BMW car five years back from a gentleman called Denis. He had also bought it from a friend called Baker. I got clear documents about the transfer and decided to give it to Leila when we were still in a relationship. I don’t know where the officers got the information that it was stolen from the UK. There is no vehicle that can be released from abroad without clearance from Interpol”. Mbuga Said

Stolen cars


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