Sk Mbuga has thrown his weight behind Luzzi

City businessmen Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga and Jackson Akimi Pemba have joined hands to disrupt and possibly crush People Power diehard Francis Zaake’s political career.

Hon. Zaake is the Member of Parliament for Mityana Municipality and is expected to contest for the seat in the upcoming elections.
But in a move to fail his bid, SK Mbuga and Pemba have rallied behind a one Abraham Luzzi to end Zaake’s tenure.

Jack Pemba with the new Malawi president

Luzzi is the loaded husband of city model Debby Ssempaka.
SK Mbuga has urged the people of Mityana Municipality to vote for Abraham Luzzi as

their Member of Parliament in 2021 elections.

He said Luzzi is a true leader who has willingness to stick with a bold course of action. The two met last evening and discussed the ideas and plans to win the seat.

“The true mark of a leader is the willingness to stick with a bold course of action — an unconventional business strategy, a unique product-development roadmap, a controversial marketing campaign — even as the rest of the world wonders why you’re not marching in step with the status quo. In other words, real leaders are happy to zig while others zag. They understand that in an era of hyper-competition and non-stop disruption, the only way to stand out from the crowd is to stand for something special. #Hon Luzzi Abraham. MP 2021 MITYANA MUNICIPALITY,” SK Mbuga said.

Meanwhile, Jack Pemba has also vowed unlimited support for Luzzi.
Pemba is currently in Malawi where he had gone to attend the inauguration of the new president.


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