Businessman, Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga alias SK Mbuga, has donated 40 tonnes (40,000kg) of maize flour to the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) towards helping people who have been affected by the coronavirus shutdown in the country.

The food, donated through his SK Mbuga Foundation and STV, was on Saturday handed over to Anti-Coronavirus National Task Team.

SK Mbuga pledged to continue giving more assistance towards the needy.

Speaking to journalists along Nile Avenue in Kampala after the Prime Minister flagged off the distribution of food to the urban poor and needy, Mbuga appealed to Ugandans to heed President Yoweri Museveni’s advice on how to avoid the disease from spreading.

He said the President exhibited a humble gesture and showed love to Ugandans by coming out to make immediate interventions to save lives.

“We must listen to the President’s advice of keeping a social distance and washing hands using water and soap or sanitizers all the time,” he said.

“After analyzing the critical situation in the country, I

decided to donate food to save fellow Ugandans affected by this shutdown,” he said.

Mbuga added that he was trying to look for means of using Mobile Money to send to some families especially the most vulnerable. “I’m just waiting to see whether it will work out to send some Mobile Money to some families so that more people can be helped out,” he said.

“Otherwise, we thank President Museveni for his timely intervention when he came out to declare a shutdown, including closing borders and stopping flights to Uganda. It has helped in stopping more Ugandans from contracting the disease,” he explained

He warned people against defying government orders.

“It is better to die of hunger than coronavirus. Ordering us to remain home is not a punishment, and if it had been done earlier less people would have contracted the disease,” he said, adding that those who will have missed out on the government food distribution should continue to make appeals so that they can make interventions.

“Otherwise be patient and stay home so that we can have a coronavirus free country”.


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