Just three months after the passing of Madam Gleeson Irene who was the guardian and funder of gospel singer Exodus, things are not well for him. Word reaching us has it that the singer is terribly chocking on debts.

We have learnt that Exodus used to get a lot of bankrolling from the late Gleeson for all his projects but things are now not moving like before.

A close pal revealed that Exodus is choking on huge debts from various money lenders. A source revealed that Exodus’ shooting of expensive music videos

from Kenya are all to stop. We have learnt that he has already composed a song revealing his financial hardships titled ‘Prophesy’ in which he reveals that things have started changing for worse.

A source intimated to us that the team which is managing the late Gleeson orphanage projects no longer extends funds to Exodus like he used to get it while she was still alive. A close pal revealed that Exodus is planning to embark on local gigs where he can perform and earn. It should be recalled that Exodus had elevated himself for only international gospel concerts outside the country but now he is finding his level.


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