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Singer Dennie Dee on why he’s dumped his fave Red color


Since he made his mark on the music scene as one of the major exports from northern Uganda, musician Dennie Dee has always stood out for his love for the color Red.

He is known for his trademark red leather shirts and sneakers. Where ever one saw someone in red at a music concert or happening place, you would bet on it being Dennie.
But for the last few weeks or months, the singer has gone low on red.

And he explains: “Flash back memories. Red has been my favorite colour but with this political situation in Uganda, I have given it a break because every time they see you putting on red, they start calling you those funny political party names. Kono ni people otimo ngor kede kunu! Mi nuh part of dem party ting.”

Dennie Dee is a known supporter of President Yoweri Museveni.
Meanwhile is new reggae hit, Enough is Enough continues to gain momentum on the airwaves as it has become a major tune for most radio stations in Kampala.

Speaking to Xclusive UG, the singer said the video of the song should be expected in November.

Watch this space!!!



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