Sheila Gashumba


Two years back, former TV presenter Sheilah Gashumba dumped renowned Ugandan rapper Shafik Walukagga better known by his stage name Fik Famaica and hooked up city socialite Marcus Ali Lwanga alias God’s Plan.


Everything was good in Sheilah’s life; from partying at top city hangouts, living in luxury, bragging and flooding the internet with photos of her love story, until it ended in tears after she was dumped, before God’s Plan ran back to his baby mama.


The stylish fashionista fought the pain and moved on. However, reports coming indicate that Sheilah is already in another relationship with Busiro South Member of Parliament a spirant Paul Owor.


A reliable source revealed that Owor discussed with Sheilah and they agreed to take their love life off social media and that is why she has not been posting anything about her

relationship status since the breakup with God’s Plan.


However, we hear God’s Plan was tipped about the alleged growing relationship between her and Owor, something that has left him spitting venom. This came about after Sheilah went silent and never begged him to come back after he left her.


But despite being her ex-boyfriend now, God’s Plan says he is ready to finish off whoever wants to pull Sheilah’s pants down.


“Sheilah Gashumba and Busiro South MP Aspirant, Paul Owor, have been so close to the extent of Owor preventing once Biggest Shareholder of Sheilah’s Sumbi, Macus Ali Lwanga alias God’s plan.


Owori is now the Solo chief viewer of Sheila’s eclipse,” a trusted snoop posted on social media, Sunday.


It is believed that Owor was among the first men to express interest in chewing Sheila’s Sumbie and he is now living to his dream, literary.


But inside Sources have it that God’s Plan is more than committed to finish off Owor and we hear the two have gone head-to-head on many occasions.


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