Home Gossip Sheila Nduhukire responds to Ykee Benda’s love proposal

Sheila Nduhukire responds to Ykee Benda’s love proposal


Beautiful television newsanchor Sheila Nduhukire has given crushing musician Ykee Benda a silent treatment, practically meaning she has no interest.

Wycliffe Tugume alias Ykee Benda has been left in shock and disappointment after getting what seems like a ‘not so promising’ response to his open proposal for love.

Ykee benda has been trending all over social media pleading for Sheila Nduhukire’s hand and had played several open tricks on the NBS TV news anchor but all so far in Vain.

Fellow singer A Pass had warned him to forget about landing Sheila Nduhukire, saying his attempts will end up in disappointment and tears.

It now appears A Pass’ prediction has sadly come to pass following Sheila’s muted silence ever since Ykee started playing his monkey tricks.

Sheila has now taken to twitter to write out a cryptic message that has not only left the ‘Boy so tender’ confused but also disappointed: SILENCE!

Sheila’s silence to the matter is possibly an indication that she is not interested in the matter and is probably impressed by Ykee’s stunts.



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