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Security arrest anti-government American national in Fortportal

A task team from the Special Investigations Division, has arrested a one Guy Smith, an American National, from Fort Portal for his alleged involvement in Anti government subversive activities.


In a brief statement, Police revealed Smith is being held at SID, Kireka, as inquiries continue.
This short comm comes after reports earlier in the day indicated the American had been kidnapped in a ‘Drone.’

Guy Smith was arrested in the wee hours of Monday

Wearlier reports suggested that the American citizen was kidnapped in wee hours of Sunday by unidentified people riding in three vehicles – a Drone and two other unmarked cars in Fort Portal, Western Ugandan.

The American Embassy in Kampala had been notified on Monday afternoon.

Reports further suggested that Mr Smith’s wife notified friends at 3:30 am that her husband was being picked by people holdings guns.

His crime was unknown, the wife had told pals.

“They were armed and took his phone and computer. His name is Guy Smith. Evidently they came in three unmarked cars. He’s from Kentucky, USA. 63 years old,” reports suggest.

Smith, who underwent eye surgery in Mbarara last week, has lived in Uganda for over 20 years.

He retired as a maintenance manager of a couple of lodges some years back and has lived in Fort Portal with his wife and children for the past two years.


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