Sex Scandal rocks Housing Finance

By the look of events unfolding at Housing Finance Bank, the mortgage financier should be changed into Housing Bonking Bank!

At first it was the top boss who was accused of being worryingly close to his junior to the extent of exchanging salacious WhatsApp messages, now his juniors are at it.

The latest getting to our gossip desk is that fear has engulfed top bosses at the bank after a letter purportedly written by a jealous husband threatening to shoot dead one of the financial institution’s bosses for allegedly bonking his wife – A one Dorothy Ssozi.

According to the letter which is trending online, a one Mr Ssozi, has promised to send HFB bank boss Ivan Kituuka 6 feet down for ‘wiring’ his wife.

In the letter which has been copied to most bank bosses, Ssozi details the different ways Ivan has been SMART WIRING his wife but also taking her on foreign trips as part of the sex games between the two.

“For a long time now, you have fucked my wife at will and wish at from the time you became her supervisor in Ntinda. You have continued to fuck her over the years and you have broken my family to the lowest level,” the chilling letter by Ssozi reads in part.

the letter


Kituuka is a senior manager branch performance and customer experience at Housing Finance Bank.
The woman who is promising to cause Uganda’s infamous crime of passion post COVID-19 has been identified as Dorothy Namutebi Ssozi.


Ssozi’s highly descriptive and detailed letter goes on to say Kituuka has continued his offside sex games with his wife despite repeated warnings to back off.


He even claims at one time, Kituuka was served good red-hot slaps in from of his colleagues at the bank but the latter wont give up.

Although the authenticity of the letter continues to raise eyebrows, Kituuka is said to be living in fear and his colleagues at the bank fearing that the worst could happen.

Ssozi also claims in the letter that he has documentary and video evidence of Kituuka’s solo orgies with his wife, foreign trips and feigned jogging around Kololo just to dip what he calls the bank boss’ toothpick pen in his wife’s gigantic and well-endowed sumbie.

“I have in my possession videos of you fucking my wife in a lodge I can’t mention. I cant imagine a pig like you, you ugly thing in the video incompetently fucking my wife yet you have a wife,” Ssozi adds.

Letter interpreting experts are still puzzled as to whether Ssozi’s letter is one of pain or reeling in excitement at his cheating wife due to the elaborate descriptions of their porn.

He also brags about

how the hitmen he has hired to do the job on Kituuka have an unmatched record of taking out targets that would even make ‘Agent 47’ in the popular Hitman Movies envious.

Ssozi adds that Ivan now has nowhere to hide as the hitmen will find him even if he hides in the darkest of corners.
“My boys who are on record to do the job are on record for outstanding accuracy on target.

As I said, at the best opportunity, they will hit you. This may be in the morning afternoon or evening, I will shot (sic). It may be at your home, your gate, or in the morning when you are leaving home or in the evening when you are getting back home.

It may be at your workplace in Wampewo, you will be shot on the targets mentioned. ….when you are jogging around the streets of Kololo as you jog around with my wife…even in traffic jam, if it provides the best opportunity to shot you evil man, you will be shot,” Ssozi vows.

He adds that unless the bank interdicts ‘evil Beast’ Kituuka and investigate the issues he raises, the financial institution will be in the news for all the wrong reasons saying he will not waste any opportunity to take out Kituuka.
It’s not yet clear whether the bank has ordered an investigation or increased security around Kituuka and Dorothy to avoid the worst that could happen to one of their own.

However, we have learnt that although the authenticity of the letter is still being ascertained, the bank is not taking chances and top bosses have already spoked to Kituuka about the allegations.



However, in a turn of events, Alfred Ssozi Ntambi, the husband to Dorothy has gone to police seeking the force’s help in the matter, denying he is the author of the expletive letter circulating online.

A case of cyber harassment under the file number SD: 124/29/09/2020 has been registered at Kabalagala Police Station as Ssozi denies plotting to murder of the bank boss.

“Am not the author of this purported letter you called me about…am a professional in my right senses and a decent person to engage in such vulgarity and life threats.

How can I threaten someone’s life? This is an allegation whose intention I have no clue about. This is a false allegation against me and I take it very serious with all the due police attention it requires,” Alfred Ntambi Ssozi says.

He adds, “I have reported this cyber crime and forgery to police and will do the same with CID-cybercrime for investigation.”

The letter is one of the most discussed online.

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In the turn of events some believe it is an inside job


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