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Rickman,INNOSS’B & Fik Fameica endorse VVIPSONS

Fik Fameica

By Allan Saba

Sweden based singer and Sheila Gashumba’s current boyfriend Rickman Rick has endorsed VVIPSONS products. In an interview with us,  Rickman revealed how he does not like watches but there is something that keeps drawing him to VVIPSONS watches.

The artiste / footballer went ahead to purchase two of the VVIPSONS watches which just goes to show how much he loves the products and hence proud to be the brand’s ambassador.

Fik Fameica

Meanwhile, Congolese musician INNOSS’B added his Voice  on top of the many celebrities that have been accessorized by VVIPSON.

In an interview,INNOSS’B talked about how much he appreciates the Sweden based company and their products thus reposting and mentioning them in his social media posts. This has been a blessing to the CEO vvipsons Baraka Sebise as it has brought in more business from other celebrities.

He also revealed his love for the products right from his silver jewelry to clothes and socks.

Barakas passion for jewelry and his creative mind pushed him to make such beautiful accessories using original materials to satisfy his clientele all over the world.

VVIPSONS Boss and one of the models

VVIPSONS is a company based in Sweden and own


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