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Rema Struggles To Explain Her USA Woes, Read Her Full Statement

SINGER REMA Namakula has struggled to clear the air about reports that she was denied entry into the United States.

Rema Namakula
Rema Namakula

Last evening news was all over social media of how the singer had been denied entry to the States at a Detroit airport after she stupidly told immigration officials that she was in the States for a musical performance when she had a visitor’s visa.

Posting on social media, Rema claims her child Aamal had fallen sick and she cancelled her USA trip. However not many believe her ‘lie’.

Here is her full statement;

“It’s funny how Ugandans love to come to conclusions most times but anyway just to clear the air, I Rema Namakula was not detained, arrested or anything of a sort and neither was I denied entry becaue I have been to USA before. I flew from Entebbe to Amsterdam and as I reached Detroit I got a message from my sister that my Aamaal’s sickness had intensified than I had earlier left her. Honestly I think I couldn’t think straight no more. Just like any parent any job couldn’t be more important than family so I decided to cancel and return to my daughter immediately. I would like to apologize to UNAA CAUSES plus my New York fans. I promise to make it up to you. Thank you all that managed to check on us at Case hospital we are now back home and. Inshaallah she will be fine.”


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