REMA and Dr. Hamza Ssebunya are expecting their first child, it has been confirmed.

Reliable close family sources have told this website that the musician is pregnant with husband Hamza’s child. According to the insider, she’s three months heavy, and a baby is expected mid next year.
“Yeah, she is preg. She is super excited and

can’t wait to hold Hamza’s child. She truly loves him and she appreciates that he’s given her joy. She will do anything for him,” the family source told us.

This amazing news comes just a day after she introduced him (Hamza) to her home in Nabbingo.
The extra ordinary ceremony is said to have cost around Shs700 million.

Rema has a daughter- Aamal- from her previous relationship.

Tonight, she will perform in celeb hangout Guvnor.


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