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Radio legend, Roger Mugisha, on why he quit celebrity life


FROM A YOUNG age, Roger Mugisha was always in ‘our faces.’

For years, he was a permanent fixture on the social scene, hoping from bar to bar.

It was PARTY AFTER PARTY. It was in his DNA.



Mugisha became a public figure while still at school. To be exact, in the mid 1990s when he kick started his radio career with Sanyu FM.

Before we knew it, Mugisha famously known as The Shadow had turned into a household name, rocking the airwaves with his super voice.

He became a ladies’ man. And boom, Shadow’s Angels- an erotic dance group- was formed.
For most of his adult life, Roger Mugisha has always been a public figure.

A celebrity.
Until a few years ago when he decided to go down under.
Eversince he quit his last radio job- a stint on KFM- he has lived a rather quiet life, rarely appearing in a hangout or at a music concert.
He is living a quiet, normal life.

“I gave up my public life to focus on grooming my ‘many’ children,” he jokingly tells us.

And adds on a more serious note: “I had to make a choice. My private life was dying at the expense of being in the limelight.”

He further says family is first in whatever he does.

“So I decided to make my family the top most priority,” the 40 year old radio sensation insists.
Who is Roger Mugisha

He was born in Nsikye, a suburb of Mbarara City on Kikagate Road in Isingiro district. He dropped out of university at the height of FM radio invasion of Kampala.

He became popular because of his infamous dancing group known to Kampalans as “Shadows Angels” in early 2000.

The twenty girls had become extremely famous for they would always get onto stage wearing skimpy shorts, stilettos and loose tops. Then they would go on to fondle, grope, spank and squeeze male patrons. They, however, split when their boss, Roger Mugisha, confessed that he had indeed been a devil-worshipper.

At the height of his trade, where they were popular in Kabalagala, Rock Gardens and Ntinda, Mugisha was very popular among the city tycoons who used to hire his group for private raunchy dances.

In the first week of March, 2003, Roger Mugisha surprised many of his fans as well as his clients; he went to Kasanga Miracle Centre, together with his girls aka Angels, denounced his trade. He was delivered from devil worshipping. He confessed of so many things.

At first many did not believe him, but he was eventually accepted by Christians. A month after he confessed his sin before Christians in Kansanga Miracle Centre, Roger Mugisha held a rally in Entebbe, where he repeatedly assured Christian faithful that he would never look back. He outlined his intentions of learning to preach the gospel from the likes of Joyce Meyer, one of the World’s richest televangelists.

Christians in Entebbe broke into ululation when he professed: “People are talking a lot of nonsense: That by becoming a born again I was targeting business in God’s Church. I will not back slide as they allege,” he said in 2003. I served Satan for 10 years since 1993. I could enter all nightclubs free of charge country-wide including Vogue, Silk and Ange Noir, but I can now afford to miss all that.
“At the time God knocked on my door I left many contracts where I was supposed to put up shows ranging from shs0.5m to shs1m.

I had to leave all this and join the creator,” Mugisha, who was hosted along with his decently-clad girls by Entebbe Miracle Centre as Pastor Aaron Mutebi, bragged.



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