City socialite Gareth Onyango still has a long way to go in regards to ensuring that he officially registers his stake in the Buganda Royal Family books.


Word reaching xclusive has it that Onyago will not be able to legalise his romping marathons with Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s eldest daughter Princess Victoria Nkinzi like he had planned by holding a massive wedding next month.


This comes after our Snoops revealed that Onyango called off the wedding last month and cancelled all the bookings plus other preparations they had undertaken for the big do.

It should be noted that Onyango proposed to Nkinzi early this year and after accepting his proposal, the two started planning a magnificent royal wedding which was to be held in December.

Snoops report that at the end of March, the emergency of COVID-19 and the consequent lockdown left the couple transfixed, although they continued with the arrangements, expecting that things would be okay by October.

However, after realizing

that COVID-19 is still messing things up, the two lovers decided to change the arrangements and push wedding to next year.

Latest info indicates that the two lovers have since cancelled all the preparations that had been going on and are looking forward to another date next year, around May or June, when they anticipate COVID-19 to have subsided.

We hear Onyango wanted to go ahead with the function arguing that they could 200 people but the Princess rejected the idea.

Last year, Onyango and his family apparently met the Princess’ mother who gave them a go ahead in their relationship.

Nkinzi and Onyango

However, Snoops intimate that Onyango was given marching orders not to think of ballooning the Princess before the wedding, which limits his chances of strategically making his way into the Buganda kingdom royal bloodline. So pundits say that currently Onyango’s love life is controlled by either condoms or Morning After pills.


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