THEIR WARRIOR mom might be in Luzira Prison but that hasn’t stopped scholar Stella Nyanzi’s twins from celebrating their birthday in style.

Dr. Nyanzi's twins celebrate in style

Dr. Nyanzi’s twins celebrate in style

The weekend was one hell of a party in the Stella Nyanzi household as her twins celebrated their 10th birthday in quite some style.

“The boys turned 10 and like is custom, a birthday party was thrown in their honour,” a statement read.

However this year was a little different

as Mama Stella’s absence was felt.

But interestingly, the children still had a great time as they soaked in the sun and played all day long.
Kato and Waswa together with their sister Baraka thanked Stella’s friends who were in attendance for supporting and being there for their mother during the hard time she is going through.

They were all smiles

They were all smiles

Dr. Nyanzi will be reappearig in court tomorrow (25th).

Happy birthday Kato and Waswa from


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