Maddox serenades revelers with acoustic performance at Club Beats at home

The legendary singer Maddox started the Club Beats at Home session last Saturday with “Irene,” one of the popular songs that many Ugandans have come to love.

The legendary singer immersed revelers young and old in a live and rich musical experience that can be rivaled by only a few Ugandans musicians.

Songs like , Namagembe, Munakyalo, Tukolagane, Ddembe, Nakatude, Abato, Omwami n’omukyala, Munnakyaalo and so many more and others were performed.

Fans online were taken to a whole new level when Karole Kasita took to the mic with her husky voice. As soon as the band hit the first notes of the popular hit “Yaka,”

The show ended on a high note which is synonymous with Maddox performance.


stepped on stage and you could feel it from wherever you were watching from that it was a legendary moment – one that several viewers were experiencing for the first time.

He showed why he is a league of his own with a moving performance that was characterized by strong vocals, energy, and exciting dance strokes and each song performed felt really authentic

Sizzling performace


Maddox serenades revelers with acoustic performance at Club Beats


The Band



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