People Power USA mobilisor succumbs to brain tumor

A People Power comrade and mobilisor in USA Chicago has passed on.
Jeremiah Lubega famously know has Chinque succumbed to a brian tumor last night.
According to a pal, one Edwin Kabiito,Chinque has been experiencing rapid headaches and every time he could go to the hospital, he was given painkillers and told maybe the chemical used at his work place was the one affecting him.
“He had been scanned several times and the tumor wasn’t seen. The same hospital yesterday scanned him and said he had a tumor and the only way to save him was to operate him immediately or let him die. When the operation was carried out, it was successful and even was talking but afterwards he felt pain again and couldn’t breath, that is when he was put on life support.
Then we were later told he couldn’t make it and the doctor said they were going to make some tests where they said he was brain dead and there was no other option rather then her sister to go take off the support machine and save him from the pain and let him rest peacefully. Then our brother, friend had to lay to rest and feel no pain any more,” Kabiito said.

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