Home Gossip ‘Pay Me!’ Broke Zulanda Begs Out Loud

‘Pay Me!’ Broke Zulanda Begs Out Loud


By Allan Saba | @Xclusive Gossip | 2 Min Read

Broke Zulanda now Begs for his money

Former Swangz Avenue singer and songwriter Zulanda claimed that music giant Bebe Cool owed him Ugx 50M a few years back.

Zulanda said he co-wrote  Sevo’s campaign song named, “Mwongere Akalulu” for which Bebe earned 100M.

Bebe Cool has, however, never made any attempt to pay.

Zulanda has now asked Bebe Cool to pay in installments.

“I beg Bebe Cool to pay me. I have a family and very many problems. Even if he pays in installments, I will be grateful. I will withdraw every single statement, I made against him,” he said.



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