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Pastor Ssenyonga’s child molestation scandal resurfaces following attack on late Yiga

Pastor Jackson Senyonga of Christian Life church

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga’s 2008 child molestation is once again making rounds on social media following his brutal attack on late Augustine Yiga.

Pastor Jackson Senyonga of Christian Life church

Following the death of Revival Church founder Pastor Yiga, Ssenyonga during a press conference accused the former of fraud, and infecting his female followers with HIV/AIDS.
These rather strong accusations didn’t go well with not just Yiga’s followers but sympathisers as well who thought Ssenyonga had ‘gone beyond.’

And as a result, Ssenyonga is also accused of being a false and sinful preacher. His child molestation scandal is making the rounds.

Jackson Senyonga, the pastor of Christian Life Ministries in Kampala, was in August 2008 arrsted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for molesting a 13-year-old girl.

Then, the Associated Press and the Bay Area Daily Review both reported that Pastor Senyonga was arrested on a Saturday for molesting the girl on a flight from Denver to Oakland.

The then 41-year old pastor was arrested by sheriff’s deputies at Oakland International Airport on suspicion of fondling a girl seated next to him on the flight. The area County prosecutors declined to charge Senyonga because of jurisdictional issues, but referred the case to the FBI.


The arresting sheriff, Sergeant J.D. Nelson, said Ssenyonga was initially taken to Santa Rita jail in Oakland, but was released after posting bail. Ssenyonga was scheduled to preach in a church in Hayward, Oaklad.

Ssenyonga frequently preached at churches in the States. Pastor Sherman Williams of Fremont Community Church said he had known Ssenyonga for at least six years. Williams, who was also president of CityServe Faith Communities United in Jesus, a coalition of about 60 churches, described Ssenyonga as an inspirational figure who grew up impoverished and had devoted his life to building orphanages in Kampala, the capital of his native Uganda.


He said he was deeply grieved by the news, but did not believe there was any purposeful action on Ssenyonga’s part that would be inappropriate.


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