Up Coming Singer Pallaso

Up Coming Singer Pallaso

United States based Pallaso attacked singers Sizzaman and Moze Radio after the two touted him, that it was Radio who made him (Pallaso) by featuring him in the song Amaaso. Furious Pallaso attacked the two singers with Jeff Kiwanuka, AK 47, Kenneth Kasagazi (Bread Kenneth) and Allan Kiwanuka joining in.

Sizzaman particularly insisted that had Radio not featured Pallaso, he would still be ‘a nobody from the reptile

family.’ Before he changed his name to Pallaso, he was known as Lizard, then a talentless and struggling artiste. This seems to have angered him so much that he started the fight with the other members joining in.

All the above members are bitter that Radio jumped ship. While he was still a member of the Good Lyfe, they would enjoy a real good life hanging out in top places and drinking the most expensive drinks around town. But ever since talented Radio quit, the group has been struggling even getting jobs in bars to try make ends meet.


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