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PALLASO ATTACK! Here’s the latest

Local musician Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso is out of danger following last night’s incidents that left him hospitalised last night.

The musician was allegedly attacked by machette wielding South Africans in whatbis widely seen as a xenophobia attack.

With teary eyes and a shaky voice, Team Good Music singer Pallaso recorded a live video in which he narrated his near-death experience after being attacked, beaten and stabbed while in South Africa.

Pallaso has been in South Africa for a couple of days where he traveled to perform and shoot new music videos.

According to the video accessed by this website, the singer reveals that as he was traveling with his friend on Wednesday evening, their car was attacked by unknown people who seemed to be protesting.

He managed to escape when the crowd of about 100 people tried to break into the car but he was closed down and beaten severely. He managed to escape their grip and ran into hiding at a garage in a yet to be identified school.

Pallaso says that he is not certain whether his friend known as Kiwunya Fred is still alive because he left him in the car immediately he was attacked.

“They beat me up real bad. I fell down, I was stabbed. As I tried to run I was hit by a car. I tried to ask for help from the owner of the car but he just drove off so I kept running with people chasing me with machetes. They pulled my hair and beat me up. Xenophobia is real. I am not sure I’ll leave this place alive because I’m still in hiding,” Pallaso says in the viral video.

He also revealed that he even tried asking for help from a policemen by the roadside but they didn’t care at all so he had to run to save his dear life.

According to Jose Chameleone, Pallaso’s elder brother, Pallaso was shooting a music video when he was attacked by a group of unknown people. The Leone Island boss asked people to pray for his brother as they try to help him stay alive.

And now in his latest communication, big brother Chameleone says Pallaso is out of danger, but urged to leave South Africa immediately.

He wrote: Thanks Uganda worldwide most especially the South African Ugandan community!!
Pallaso was rescued at all odds!!!
But all this must be condemned as we are all Africans.
If we move in unity same way always we shall be free!!!

Let’s always watch out for one another.

Bro, come home Now!!!

Come back HOME.”


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