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NUP ‘blogger’ Peng Peng stabs NRM supporter in Netherlands

Peng Peng is on the run

A member of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) is fighting for his life in Amsterdam, Netherlands after he was reportedly stabbed by celebrated People Power/NUP blogger, Peng Peng.

Peng Peng is on the run

The sad incident happened over the weekend.
According to information streaming on social media, Peng Peng- also known as Raymond Soulfa- stabbed Herman Muhangi with a sharp knife after the latter appeared uninvited at a NUP gathering in a hangout in the Dutch capital.

The unnamed hangout is a NUP gathering place and various meetings have been held there.
As a result, NRM leaning Ugandans living in Amsterdam avoid the place like the plague.

But on the fateful day, Muhangi showed up and was suspected of being on a spy mission. All efforts to have him leave fell on deaf ears, prompting Peng Peng to use force.

Muhangi fought back before Peng Peng pulled out a sharp blade and slit his stomach open.
Peng was then whisked away by a one Andaman Daku into hiding as Muhangi was rushed to a hospital where he’s fighting for his life.

Dutch police is searching for Peng Peng.

More details to follow…


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