There is a common saying that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’meaning “What Happens somewhere, Stays there.”

Kiss & Tell Revenge Stars

Kiss & Tell Revenge Stars


This is an indication that secrets are supposed to remain secrets and where they took place. Pundits say leaked details of a celeb are good to hear the tale straight from the horse’s mouth.

Prominent city babes have had their private romance and nude photos leaked by their ex-conquests. Although it is women who are considered blabbermouths, but there several city dudes who aren’t so good at keeping their mouths shut either.

Kissing and telling is downright tacky and extremely messy, and you don’t tell this to some city dudes who don’t keep secrets or who have the habit of revenge using the most kept secrets especially using sex tapes and nude pictures that have become a big sensation among Ugandans.


Mo Red aka Mayanja Raymond- Fabiola

Failed singer Mo Red aka Raymond Mayanja, son to city businesswoman sarah Kizito was in a relationship with former Miss Uganda model, turned television presenter Anita Fabiola Kyalimpa.

Tired singer Mo-red and Fabiola

Tired singer Mo-red and Fabiola

Sources reveal that when Anita joined NTV as ‘Be My date presenter’ she started distancing herself from Mored.

The relationship went sour and Fabiola upped her status by hooking loaded dudes that included Meddie Sentongo. Out of anger Mored went in revenge mood and decided to leak Fabiola’s nude photos.

The revenge somehow scored for Mored because NTV reacted and fired Fabiola. Since then the two no longer see eye to an eye.


King Lawrence-Juliana

South Africa based greatest attention-seeking sangoma King Lawrence aka Lawrence Kiyingi, who from time to time likes to blow his own trumpet shocked the nation when he divulged his sex escapades with singer Juliana Kanyomozi.

King and Juliana

King and Juliana

For long King Lawrence has been rumored to not only openly discuss his sexual escapades, but to display it on social media platforms as well.

It is not known whether he is always trying to show off for sleeping with celebrities or he revenges for his money he spends on the babes he leaks. Juliana Kanyomozi and Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe will never forget him for what he did to them.


Desire Luzinda-Franklin Emuobor

Few years ago, curvy singer Desire Luzinda was in a relationship with a Nigerian dude identified as Franklin Emuobor Ebenhron and the two were head over heels in love with each other. The couple seemed like heaven on earth for them as Desire enjoyed shopping and holiday trips abroad sponsored by the Nigerian dude. However, when Desire got closer to Sc Villa boss engineer Ben Misagga, the Nigerian dude was so angered.

Shortly Desire ended up making headlines multiple times regarding affairs of the heart and later her nude photos leaked to social media. The relationship came to a screeching halt, which Fanklin later claimed ended due to the fact that Desire had got a loan to organize a concert in his names.

But sources reveal that Franklin leaked the photos in revenge because Desire had dumped him for other loaded dudes in Kampala.


Zari Hassan-Ivan

When zari dumped her longtime lover Ivan Ssemwanga for Tanzanian singer Diamond platinumz, things did not go well with the former lover.

Ivan was consoled by his hangers-on and they planned many things discredit Zari. She even went ahead to malice Zari that she was impregnated by King Lawrence but not Diamomd. The team went ahead and leaked her sex video while she was masturbating using a dildo.


Amon Namara-Faith

Last year a video of a South Africa based Ugandan dude bonking a bummy woman surfaced on social media .the Ugandan man, identified as Amon Namara, is seen engaging in sexual intercourse with the Ugandan babe who was only identified Fifi in a South Africa hotel. Sources revealed that Namara recorded his pleasurable moments with the business lady.

But hell broke loose and the video was leaked by the woman after a disagreement. In the one minute video, Namara can be seen struggling to have the better of his hippy and bummy partner as she directs his small member into her gigantic and waterlogged self.


Kleith Kyatuhaire


NTV presenter Kleith Kyatuhaire joined the list of Kampala celebrity to serve her naked body

to the public after her nude photos were leaked and they made rounds on all social media platforms especially Whatsapp!

It was reported that the photos were leaked her ex-boyfriend whom she had dumped for loaded city men.

It is said that the boyfriend was revenging because Kleith had numerous South African and Dubai lovers. She lost her job at NTV as the company tried to protect its image out of the nude saga.

Kleith K

Kleith K


Cameroon Gitawo-Vivian Angella Birungi

It all started when South Africa based businessman Cameroon Gitawo got shs70m loan from Tycoon Kabangala Mbuga and promised to give him a BMW car as collateral.

However when Gitawo realized that Mbuga was battling court cases with his singing lover Leila Kayondo, that later culminated into Mbuga’s imprisonment, Gitawo sneaked out to South Africa and sold off the

The move angered Mbuga and divulged their dealing on social media. Gitawo also looked for revenge and lashed out at SK Mbuga by moving out with his (Mbuga’s) newly ‘acquired’ wife-to-be Vivian Birungi.

Gitawo used his pal Meddie sentongo to convince Vivian to board the next plane to South Africa and linked up with Gitawo to get her a posh car.



The two hit different bars and eat-outs and as if that wasn’t enough, they kept posting pictures about their expeditions. Later Gitawo said that he shafted Mbuga’s wife, Vivian.


Nasasira-Hima babes


He not in the class of celebrities but he became a talk in the western region after he managed to hoodwink various water-logged babes and bonked them. He must have heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This
is the reason that he managed to take the photos of all the women he would sleep with.


Farouk Ssempala-Ruth Kasule

This dude had turned himself into a gigolo of sorts in Kampala and is also known for having loose lips. He will never be forgiven by Ivan Ssemwanga because he is the one who humiliated him a lot during the time he was dating Zari.

Farouk was a known woman-mip

Farouk was a known woman-mip

He’s also admitted to having been in a relationship with several married and loaded babes in Kampala at one point in his life.

Farouk is known for discussing the ups and downs of his relationships as well as releasing sexually explicit details about his exes on his social media platform.

It is said that when he went too far on his social media platforms, his baby mama Ruth Kasule leaked his nude photos to silence him.

But in twist of event Farook also unleashed Kasule’s nude photos in revenge.


Thomas Christopher-Ruth Komuntale

This dude is a disgrace to the Tooro kingdom fraternity after he embarrassed their princess. Sources reveal that he could have been cursed by the Tooro African spirits. He has never been the same ever since he disorganized the life of the princess. The time he has been around Kampala he has been linked to several ladies in Kampala for the last few years.


Keith Nasasira-Ann Kamala

Keith is the son to minister John Nasasira. It is said that when his ex-girlfriend Ann Kamala dumped him for another guy, he got so furious and decided to embark on revenge.


Cindy Sanyu

Pictures of former Blu*3 singer Cindy were a sensation. When the red pepper published them in august 2008, not a single newspaper copy could be found by midday in Kampala. It was alleged that Cindy had fallen out with Lillian
and Jackie over Mario Brunette.

It is believed one of the two gals (Jackie and Lillian) leaked the pictures. However other sources reveals Mario sent the photos to his friends to leak them to the media after he nabbed cindy with another Mzungu man at their hotel in Spain while they were on holiday.

Cindy has bravely moved on belting hit after hit in her solo career. She has also given birth to her first baby with Italian Mario.


Bad Black

Call her Shanita Namuyimba or Latifa Nalukenge, Bad Black as she is commonly referred too was a sensation some years back. Her nude pictures got leaked during the time she was atalk of kampala.

The photos were allegedly taken by a city trader one Sula after hot sex with black at Speke hotel. In the photos, black’s privates were on full show.


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