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No one will be left behind In New Economy, Says BWS’ Ronald Simms


By Our Reporter

Once it was a dream that African Americans will return to Africa not as a tourist visitation as we have seen in Ghana and Tanzania but as a powerful force for the Super Power status of Africa.

As predicted by Charles N Lambert, leader of Africa’s first Economic war for Economic Independence and creator of Compassionate Capitalism, African Americans are flooding in to work for Africa’s Economic Independence through the Black Wall Street platform.

Ronald Simms, the newly appointed Director of the 6,000 African American Corporate Advisors division of the BWS, sent strong words of encouragement to Africans that this revolution will never be business as usual.

In a short video released, Mr. Simms eloquently and intelligently explains to Africans why things are going to be different going forward.

“No one will be left behind in this New Economy. Not your family, your neighbor, your children, the children’s children because the compassionate economy is created by us, through us, for us and with us”.

Ronald Simms is expected in East Africa with 6,000 men from the US by end of September for the scheduled Corporate Advisors and Journalists Convention holding in Rakai at the new Black Wall Street Community, City of Charles N Lambert.



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