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NE-YO, Flavour, Juliana Talk Fitness At Coke Studio

Juliana and Flavor collaborate on a song during Coke Studio Season 3

MANY PEOPLE feel music in East Africa can get better if artistes opt out of using back up CD tracks and replace them with live performances.

However, this doesn’t come easy and hence – the gym! A good work out is a must. The timely arrival of Coke Studio Africa season III is a rich blessing for Africa by Africans.

Juliana and Flavor collaborate on a song during Coke Studio Season 3
Juliana and Flavor collaborate on a song during Coke Studio Season 3

Through Coke Studio Africa performances, we understand that a superb live performance does not come on a silver platter. Artistes must work for it, even if it means hitting the gym – hard.



While in Kenya recording Africa’s biggest mash up song with five African Coke Studio Africa acts, American RnB singer, songwriter and producer NE-YO acknowledged this: “To do this job and be able to get on stage to give 100 percent, you gotta stay in shape. I definitely recommend that artistes must hit the gym,” he said, adding, “I hit the stage with all the energy. If I can walk off that stage and literally pass out then I have done my job well because that’s the kind of energy you are supposed to give to your audience when they pay their hard earned money to come and see you.”



Nigerian ladies’ man Flavour adds a different spice to the gym factor. He said: “I always give my fans what they want to see. For example if I have my shirt off, there is a different effect because of the way I look as a result of my workouts. If I go a week without working out, I will get sick. With all the skills and the moves on stage, if you don’t have strength you cannot sing. As a businessman in music, you have to stay in shape.”


It doesn’t stop with the male artistes. Female musicians too need to ensure a proper work out, as Ugandan songbird Juliana Kanyomozi can attest.


“To look good one must work for it. I work out three times every week and I also play basketball. It doesn’t stop at going to the studio and releasing music. You must get to the stage and deliver this to the fans and make them feel the music. I am glad that Coke Studio Africa brings about the whole new idea of artistes mashing up different experiences in a fantastic atmosphere of real performances.”


This season, Coke Studio Africa is using 28 top artistes to light up screens across the continent with quality mash ups engineered by some of the finest producers in the world, including Grammy Award nominee music director Zwai Bala from the South African Kwaito group, TKZee.


Coke Studio Africa Season three promises to be full of exciting mash ups.


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