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National Covid-19 taskforce recommends 14 new tough measures, Here they are…

By Our Reporter

The National Covid -19 taskforce that sat today on the orders of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has recommended tough measures to combat the pandemic as the country grapples with a second and more deadly wave.

The second wave of COVID-19 in Uganda begun at the start of this month, according to scientists.

Scientists say the wave has so far been characterized by an increase in reported cases of the disease. In the last week of March and the first week of April, a total of 130 cases were reported. Since last week the number of reported cases has tripled.

During the first wave, over 40,000 cases of the disease were reported with 337 deaths. During the second wave, scientists say they expect the numbers of infected cases to double. The peak of the first wave was experienced during November 2020 and January 2020. During this period, over 26,000 cases of the disease and 215 deaths were reported.

With the low observance of standard operating procedures, scientists say the number of reported cases is expected to be higher during this wave.

But today, the National Taskforce on orders of President Museveni sat and we are hearing agreed on these measures to he announced by the president anytime.

1. Curfew enforcement to be more strict.

2. SOPs should be fully implemented and enforced immediately
3. Burials, churches, mosques, social gatherings are to be scientific going forward.
4. Increased enforcement
5. Online classes at higher levels should be emphasized
6. The President to make the final statement in due course
7. Lockdown may come for 3 weeks
8. Public transport might be stopped
9. Cargo transport for cargo only
10. Strengthen vaccination drive
11. Focus is going to be on high risk districts including among others Kampala, Wakiso etc.
12. Learners who haven’t started (p1-p3) to wait a little longer.
13. Children in boarding schools to remain in schools and monitored closely.
14. Teachers not vaccinated not to be allowed to teach.


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