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Nanjing Hotel in RAPE, RACISM storm


LUGOGO BYPASS based hotel, Nanjing is on the spot after a customer accused it’s Chinese owners of racism, rape and torture.

A Facebooker- who requested anonymity- claims he witnessed one of the male Chinese owners or worker torturing a young female black employee.

Here’s what the customer posted:
“I sometimes eat at Nanjing Hotel on Lugogo Bypass but it’s going to take awhile to unknow what I know now.

After a good meal on Saturday, I entered the lift to go home. I must have pressed a wrong button because I went to a floor that seemed like a Chinese shrine with statues on either side bowing at eachother.

So I decided to get out and look around. To my right, I heard a male voice speak with a raised voice. I turn to look and this girl (African) was literally crying.
This Chinese man was taunting her and pointing into her forehead calling all sorts of names and yelling out racial slurs out in the open. He turned his head and spat and then continued even after he saw me.

To my surprise a male African employee came to me with a smile and asked if I had been served. Meanwhile in the background my sister was being harrased because while she tried to walk away, he (Chinese) pulled her arm and continued.

On my way out I asked an employee I can’t reveal and they said Chinese here are Kings.
They have the powers to even tell you to stay behind after work and have sex with them.(I don’t know if that’s rape too).

When I finally caught up to my wife who had moved ahead of me, she asked me but for some reason I was filled with so much rage and I remember my arms had a twitch as I held the staring. At the terrace where we had dinner , the Chinese girls were so friendly but flat ofcourse, but friendly and you would never ever suspect our sisters and brothers are being tortured in the basement.

My Question is; By continuing to support them, am I helping my sister by keeping them in business or encouraging this?

Ofcourse, it’s useless to even call upon the government so let’s just leave that. But my fellow Ugandans, these people are really torturing our people. It’s actually slavery.

If you are the girl I saw, I know you remember and I know you must have been in vacation cause your English was fluent and appeared young, “I’m sorry I have let you down this long. May God really move your name above the list of those he is about to bless.”

To the management of Nanjing Hotel and all the so called investors, read our history. We don’t take lightly to our people being mistreated. Let us name and shame all of them.”

We contacted the hotel for a comment, they feigned ignorance.

Have you faced this brutal treatment or you know someone who has? Call or WhatsApp us on +256782025368.



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