Nakibinge Saudi


The titular head of Muslims Prince Kassim Nakibinge has asked the government to allocate more resources to the health as the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic continues.


While delivering his Eih Ad Adha message at Kibuli mosque today, he has also urged Muslims to fully participate in the countries politics rather than passively complain about bad leadership at

various levels.


Nakibinge has promised to open the Kibuli doors to all political leaders as the country gears up for the 2021 general polls.


He has also commended the UPDF management for recalling their Local defense personnel who he says had turned into a public nuisance.


Nabinge has urged government to only return the LDUs on the streets after they have been fully trained.


At the Old Kampala Mosques Ali Waiswa second Deputy Mufti, called on believers to stick to Islamic moral values and cherish their faith more than riches.


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