JACKIE CHANDIRU has been left to rot alone in hospital following her admission early this week.

The former Blu 3 star underwent an open surgery operation at Mulago Referral hospital yesterday afternoon but sadly only Golden Band singer Mesach Semakula joined promoter Balaam Barugahara to be by her side.

Jackie Chandiru has been left alone

Jackie Chandiru has been left alone

All her friends including other ex Blu 3 stars like Lillian Mbabazi and Cindy Sanyu, her close pals Juliana Kanyomozi, Dr Jose Chameleone have kept a distance.

“She needs them more than ever, a mere sight of them is encouraging enough for her to fight on,” a hospital source told us.

But sadly this has not been as they have all kept a distance. Well

apart from Mesach Semakula.

Talented female star Chandiru has been under intensive care for days after she severely damaged various parts of her body, especially the arms, with cocaine injections.

For weeks Chandiru’s health has been in tatters.

Thankfully yesterday city businessman Balaam Barugahara went to her rescue and rushed her to Mulago hospital where she underwent an operation.

As we write this, Chandiru is still in intensive care in Ward 6B Room 14 as doctors monitor her situation and see how she responds.

“She might have to be moved outside the country for further specialized treatment close medical monitoring since her family is abroad,” a close pal told us.

Chandiru has in the recent past been dogged by several problems with her fresh marriage of Dutch Nal Viliet said to be a big disappointment.

She had resorted to drug abuse and is said to have attempted to commit suicide on several occasions.




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