By the end of this week, Mun G will be out of the lockdown financially after signing a juicy deal with Uganda Waragi and the A ka Dope show.

Mun G, who is a seasonal rapper will be headlining the music mentors on the brand-new A ka Dope Stars talent search.

A Ka Dope, a multi-art show launched an online talent search competition last month where 12 underground

acts will perform alongside established artistes and stand a chance to win a fully-fledged recording deal.

The competition dubbed the A Ka Dope Stars will run from September to December 2020. The Rap star graced our lockdown TVs and radios with his hits Bintwala and Entanglement that relieved us from the biting lockdown stress.

The Bintwala hitmaker will feature as a mentor artist and his role is to support the growth and development of the upcoming performers.

Other mentor artists that are expected to feature on the same show are Nava Grey and Ykee Benda.


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