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Any serious gospel music lover will tell you that Fiona Wamala is a living legend when it comes to gospel music. It’s no wonder that she is referred to as the ‘mother of gospel music’

Back in the 90’s long before the current wave of Bugembes and Babirye’ Fiona ruled the airwaves with her soulful gospel music.

In an exclusive interview with us, she confirmed what many have been whispering, she told us she has decided to come back and revive her once vibrant music career due to my fans demand.


It’s been long since in the music industry? What have you been up to?

I have been sorting out my Family issues. You know charity begins at home and God is a God of families. But also, I have been in the Studio recording while sorting out family issues.


Being a daughter of a legend, how has been your life musically?

First of all of I am honored and humbled to be a daughter of the late legendary Elly Wamala Who was a friend of many and again I can say musically he inspired me a lot with advice and encouragement.

All my life, he was there for me. I even featured in his two songs and did Bisule and wamilele by playing a guitar


Personally what have you done to keep the Elly Wamala legacy moving on?

Keeping his legacy I have been revising his songs and recording them. Songs like Talanta Nga bwewakolanga Nkole mpakase ekimu ekyekumi.Olindaki.okulokoka.

I have always had a live Program called God is real program on Facebook. On the same program, I try to promote my siblings music and those of our late Dad’s grand Children of the late Elly Wamala.

Our father was a God Fearing man and he is the one who showed us to God


You’re music career was its peak Years back. Why did you hold it up?

My music was held up be because I left Uganda and my promoter couldn’t continue doing it. I tried to work on it but it couldn’t be as it was then. I left Uganda they stopped playing my music.


Well, you’re back in the industry? What is your latest song?

It is called Nze Njagala Mukama. There is also Mweyambiise, it is a remix (You’re my God). The Videos are already out.


How many songs have you released so far?

75 Songs since I started recording


In these songs, do you sing your life experiences?

Yes but Some songs I sing other people experiences


You’re based in

London, who writes and produces your songs?

I am based in London. I visit Uganda to see my mother and relatives. I write my songs and some songs I produce them.

Some are produced by David Mukalazi, my brother James Wamala Sam,Kimuli Ken, Lubwama Barby jay And Nexo Kiwa.


Should Ugandans And whole world believe you’re back to gospel music?

Of course. I have never quit but this time round, I am back on a big scale have been waiting to sort out my family issues and soon, London court will decide.

But I am surely back and I have many songs in the studios.


Of late, very many gospel singers are releasing hit songs, will you handle the completion?

About the competition, I am not in any competition with anyone. My ideal goal is to do what I was called to do. From the beginning Gospel music was there and other singers were there but we all have Different grace to sing.

I am looking forward to use my new songs and bring more people to Christ.


What is your message for these young upcoming singers?

Gospel upcoming musicians should be humble, pray and do what they can to inspire others not fights. Gospel singers are many and I am sure we can change the universe through our music.

Also, let them avoid fighting each other, let them accept the fact that we are different and gifted differently


Let’s talk about your private life, on social media you posted videos crying for your son from your ex. How did this end?

I can only say ever since I got misunderstandings with my ex -husband, he took away my child. He has denied me access to my son which I have been disagreeing to. We are now in family court london and all will end.

This has greatly hindered our ministry both here in London and Uganda.


Are you in a relationship?
At the moment NO. I am too busy concentrating on my new music and fight for my children rights.


In London, what exactly do you do?

Away From music, I am employed in London and also spread the word of God using my social media pages.


Did you abandon Uganda because of music pressure?

No. There was no much pressure, but London was the best place for me to live.


Any plans of holding a big concert in Uganda or UK?

God willing, very soon I shall announce the dates. It will be massive.


What is your message for your fans especially in Uganda?

To all my fans both in Uganda and the whole world, I want to tell you that I am back to praising and singing for God at a big scale. They should look out for my music.



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